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Broadband Service coming to Millerstown, KY

A local Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) is bringing fiber-fast service to Millerstown, Kentucky with the help of WJCR Christian Radio.

The WJCR-FM Tower in Millerstown, Kentucky
The WJCR-FM Tower in Millerstown, Kentucky

Located in the easternmost part of Grayson County, Millerstown has been a problematic area for fast, affordable, and reliable broadband service. Many residents in the area have expressed great frustration with the lack of broadband and cellular communication capabilities due to the terrain surrounding the area. Cellular service is nearly non-existent from the major providers and the current wireline service available is slow, unreliable, and expensive, based on feedback from area residents.

Slow DSL service
Slow, unreliable DSL service has plagued this area for many years.

Based out of LaRue County, is announcing their plans to build high-speed internet in the area, offering up to 100Mbps download speeds and 30Mbps upload speeds at the current time. With only a one-time $100 install fee, their service is both affordable and reliable.

Cameron on a water tower
Cameron Lasley on the Industrial Park Water Tower in Hodgenville

Telecast Communications is a small ISP owned by Cameron and Laura Lasley. They founded Telecast at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when most people were forced to start working from home. The lack of broadband infrastructure in the rural parts of LaRue County created a major need for new internet providers to build in these areas.

Laura, Cameron, and Mason
Laura, Cameron, and their son, Mason

With the help of WJCR Christian Radio (90.1 FM), Telecast Communications will be installing equipment on the 400-foot radio tower on the property. This will allow anyone with line of sight to the tower to immediately be eligible for their highest speed offering, which is 100Mbps.

Don and Lauree Powell
Don and Lauree Powell, owners of WJCR Christian Radio

Don and Lauree Powell, owners of WJCR Christian Radio, have been a crucial helping hand in making this happen. Their graciousness and willing to work with small businesses has been a vital part of making this project a reality.

Once the Millerstown buildout is complete, Telecast is exploring options to bring service to Wax and Peonia with the help of the Edmonson County Water District.

Telecast Communications plans to start mounting equipment on the WJCR tower by February 1st and begin delivering broadband service by March 1st. To reserve your installation for service, visit to check service availability at your location.

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